Bypass/Reset Vivo Y81 Phone Screen Passcode/Pattern/Pin

The main reason to set up some sort of lock screen security on your Vivo Y81 is to keep strangers (or friends) from checking out your messages or private pictures. Beyond that, you don’t want anyone who dares to steal your Vivo Y81 to get full access to your mails, pictures or other sensitive data. But what if you’re the one who cannot access your Vivo Y81? You could forget your PIN or pattern, right? Or someone pranks you by setting up a lock screen pattern and just leaves you struggling with it.

How To: Restore Missing Messages Files from iVoomi i1

Nothing is more annoying, some messages missing from your iVoomi i1. This can happen for lots of reasons chief among them being accidental deletion. If you had a backup of all your messages, then the solution is as easy as simply restoring the backup. But if you didn’t, you need an alternative.

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